Best Male Actor

    Murray Tomlin - for "Private Baldric" in Blackadder Goes Forth

Best Female Actor


Shirley Kerr - for "Alison" in Four Flat Whites in Italy


Best Supporting Performer (Male or Female)


Darren Mitchell - for "Lieutenant George" in Blackadder Goes Forth


 The Hieatt Award for Best Vocal Performance

   Neil Cording  - for A Trip Across the Universe

The Terri De’Ath Award for The Most Promising Newcomer


Matthew Farnell - for "Peter" in Romeo & Juliet  


The Cameo Award


Jayden Finlay - for "Corporal Perkins" in Blackadder Goes Forth


The Fox Paw Award  (Faux Pas)


Nic Andisen - the real culprit being General Melchett’s pigeon who got his flight path wrong and didn’t make it over the wall into Blackadder’s trench but was seen aiming for a crash landing obviously on the wrong side of the ditch – laughter from audience especially when a bunch of feathers eventually flew over the wall!


The Technical Award


Paul G Radden & Brendan Agnew - for brilliant music transcriptions and arrangements and The Band for playing these superbly - A Trip Across the Universe


The Ray Dormer Service Award


Susan Andisen 

Susan was Props Designer/Manager for three of our 2013 shows, achieved a NAPTA nomination for all three and eventually won the award. She also took on the new role of Stage Manager for Four Flat Whites in Italy and coped brilliantly even though it was one of the busiest productions we have ever presented and thus one of the most challenging. She has helped with many other things around Off Broadway including bar, suppers, publicity, taking notes or helping move set etc at rehearsals – well deserved recognition!  


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