Best Male Actor

    Ian Fenwick as 'King Arthur' in SPAMalot

Best Female Actor

  A tie between Mel Heap as 'Bernie' in Stags & Hens and Sharon Hewlett as 'Lady of the Lake' in SPAMalot

Best Supporting Performer

  Alan Smith as 'The Historian' and 'Prince Herbert’s Father' in SPAMalot

The Terri De’Ath Award for The Most Improved

  Emily Clauson as 'Concorde' in SPAMalot

The Cameo Award

  Brook Braithwaite for his ‘Spray and Walk Away’ scene in SPAMalot

The Fox Paw Award  (Faux Pas)

  Murray Tomlin for falling through the dice whilst dancing on stage on Opening Night of SPAMalot

The Technical Award

  Janette Halbach for costumes for SPAMalot, achieving miracles in three and half weeks!

The Ray Dormer Service Award

  Allan Wyatt for a year of outstanding service to the Club in leadingthe set construction crew and always making himself available to lend a hand wherever needed


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